1. Lookie he got a genuine Al Sharpton bowl winder. Now don’t you just wonder how long it will take for him to find out you can’t shine s**t and hand it off to Vallerie to see what she can do with it.

  2. That tone-deaf, cock-eyed, khaki suited, Gay-obsessed, Constitution-stomping, Benghazi bullshitting, Al-Qaeda appeasing, Jihad-coddling, taqiyah sunrise-drinking, Grubering, phony-balony, plastic banana republic Communist door-knob never could tell the difference between that and a can of Shinola!

  3. Can’t say anything but a heartfelt Thank you, Earl!

    You’re single-handedly replacing my frown lines with laugh lines.

    A very happy *and prosperous* new year to you. May we all get to breathe a little easier in 2015.

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