1. Predictable…..the system is broken. Those tasked with enforcing the law break the law routinely and are routinely allowed to do so. They shoot dogs…they throw grenades into cribs….they raid houses in the middle of the night…THE WRONG HOUSES….and kill people with impunity….they
    shoot unarmed people in stairwells and instead of calling for an ambulance the FIRST THING THEY DO is text their union representative. In short LEO act as bad and often worse than the criminals they are supposed to protect us from. And when people finally get tired of the blatant and obvious lack of accountability they will act….and ARE acting.

    Dorner in LA, Frein in PA, this case, the LEO killed in Bardstown KY that is STILL unsolved….
    ONLY THE BEGINNING. You can push people only so far. Once you push them past a certain
    point all bets are off….and all laws are irrelevant.

    The ONLY thing that is being done wrong is that the politicians who hold the leashes on LEO are not being handed their heads also as THEY are the ones truly responsible for the culture of official violence.

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