1. Go seek help from FEMA
    this is surely a NATURAL DISASTER, as orchestrated by mien fuehrer Obamaninski, as advised by triple-forked-tongue trash talkin, makin money off’n peoples troubles better’n any day timer soap opera lawyer; talking big smack to small intelligence, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: HERE COMES THE RIGHTLY…. ….. … ( hold on, this dudes got legal issues going back decades…. check him out on wiki to be surprised at his sordid demonstrative, disruptive, and shady and illegal past. He’s been around the block and still joggin past the jail house and bankruptcy court as fast as he can )… REVEREND BIG AL!

  2. Earl, may I humbly submit the words “chimp out” for unrest……..please????
    Cheers Brah! U da best!!

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