1. That’s awesome, earl! Poor Mary – she overreached during Grubercare with the ‘Louisiana Purchase’ deal. it embarrassed the Rats, and now she gets payback.
    she should have expected this, the Rats are like the Sopranos……

  2. This reminds me of a Far Side comic with a guy skydiving while a grand piano unfurls from his chute-pack above his head. It says “Darryl didn’t worry until he pulled his emergency ripcord” as you see an anvil being deployed.
    I think Mary misunderstood what she was told… the guy said, as he handed her the “package”, “tote, BAG!”

  3. What was that Randy Newman song…oh yeah, “Short People (Got No Body to Love).” I don’t often listen when Mary Landrieu speaks, but when I do, I hear “Short People.” Stay thirsty, my friends.

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