1. Nanananananananaaaaaa, nununununununuuuuuuu, nananananananananaaaaaa…….

    That’s amazing…. Thank you very little

  2. Angelina… LOL!

    Superb tabloid issue, but the photo of naked Kim with the orange HotWheels track, a cherished memory of my yute, is very hard to reconcile. I will let you know how the liquor therapy works out… :)

  3. Deal Ealr,
    You LEARRY LEARRY funny guy… you funniel than Jay Reno ol David Rettelman. I dale say you ale most hiralious Brog modelatol who evel RIVED.
    You insuffelabre asshore… you bettel watch youl back! I pran to come to states and beat HERR out of you,
    Kim Jong Ir, the Pirrsbuly Dough-Dictatol!

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