1. 1400 bull penis’s were used in this leg stretching therapy…..all raised by Hand….Hand Kreme Phock….ranch manager

  2. Ohhhhhh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener, that’s what I truly want to beeeeee, for if i were an Oscar Meyer wiener, everyone would be in love with me!!!!!!!!! Sigh………….

  3. The Butterfinger bar is a cruel dilemma, Earl. You got no empathy for ruthless dictators? ;)

    Hey, I just sent you some email, Earl, but it’s probably to the wrong account. Please advise if no showee. Thanks!

  4. Bung Suk-Ho rook just rike my favorite Asian massage therapist…happy ending every time! Me no cherry boy!

    1. Wahoo, what herr you tark about, “cherry boy”? Oh… nevel mind, I get now… you mean “CHELLY boy”. You learry jocural ferrow!

  5. Reminds me of the early days of the Beatles and a concert in Tokyo where they sang the song “Prease, Prease Me”

      1. But, seriously, forks, a heavy metal band from Japan called “Loudness” played Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado, and thanked the audience by saying, “Denvel, we RUV you!”

            1. I wish, though there’s a guy in my neighborhood who has a Shelby Cobra 427 kit car. Bastard never takes it out. If that were me, I’d be out in it every nice weekend with the Ol’ Lady in the passenger seat. That ‘Garage’ link is just another site for guy stuff for some of the other bloggers who appreciate shop talk, cars and garage calendar girls and shit like that. Just click the ‘Request’ button and you’re in.

              Nothing wrong with the Springs, Bud. Michelle Malkin and Steve Greene are good peoples!

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