Hawaii Officials Drop Plan To Name Park For Obama ***UPDATE: More Appropriate Facility Found

UPDATE – Hawaiian Officials to dedicate new national monument honoring Obama:

(H/T to investigative reporter Grunt of Monte Christo)

A Fitting Testimonial
A Fitting Testimonial



HONOLULU (MFNS) – Two Honolulu city councilmen have dropped plans to rename a popular beach for President Barack Obama.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports Councilman Stanley Chang and Council Chairman Ernie Martin decided to withdraw the proposal after hearing from the public.

The councilmen last week introduced a resolution to change the name of Sandy Beach Park to President Barack Obama’s Sandy Vagina Park.

Martin says in a statement that he heard historic and cultural sensitivity concerns from the community about the name change.

He says there may be other public facilities more appropriate to honor the president and plans to take suggestions for the memorial from MFNS readers, right here in the comments.

What Might Have Been.
What Might Have Been.


  1. “Enhanced Gravity” Beautiful! :)

    For that other beach, how about:

    “Barrly Still Radioactive South Beach, Johnston Atoll.”

    “Trans-fat-free, Trans-America, Michelle Obama Tranny Beach.”

    “Barry’s Momma’s Nude Beach, Skankpoint, Oahu.”

    “Slippery Slope Half-Black Sand Beach, North Kona.”

  2. Maybe they should just name a sand trap at Waikele Golf Course for him. Call it “Barack’s Ball-less Pit.” No matter how many golf balls you hit into it, it still has “Zero Balls.”

    Or, Obama’s “Embrace the Suck” Beach. Deadly rip tides, 24/7.

      1. Well, it’s a deadly suck. You can’t have an Obama beach without a great big whirlpool collecting every surfer, mermaid, little kid and puppy dog and drag them into oblivion. If you’re good, maybe you could show it playing havoc with Pamela Anderson’s lifeguard swimwear. But if you show Barry, don’t give him a Kardashian ass this time. Jan’s got a strict no-Kardashian rule these days. :D

              1. Congrats to you! So sorry they gave top billing to me just because you were too generous and listed my handle first. It’s your art and your genius. Thanks for the link!!

  3. BHO national suck hole!!!! It’s beyond inspired Earl, you’ve obviously sold your soul to the devil in exchange for putting gallons of coffee through my nose. Thanks a lot ……… I will get even, you’ve been warned again ol chap……..

  4. BHO National Suck Hole. Is that named after the “suckER”, or the “suckEE”? Personally, I thought these things didn’t get named/dedicated until the honoree was “post-mortem”, but I’m good with that. And considering that lamont is in the Oral Office, shouldn’t the agency be called the “Department of the Inferior”?

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