Attention All Schools – Can’t Sell Cupcakes? Try This Terrific New Fund Raising Idea!

Who needs Bake Sales? Want to see the kids line up to hand over their cash? Offer up your school Dietitian, Nutritionist or other Food Service employee to a live, man-eating Shark! Our portable Dunk Tanks are available now – book yours early to confirm for your next event! And don’t worry, we set up everything for you, including the shark! :) Then we pack everything and mop up/disinfect before we go. All you need is a good supply of Nutritionists. (Here’s a hint for those without a ready supply of Dietitians, etc. Round up some of your nosiest, naggiest, pickiest Parents – they work just as well, sometimes even better!) Hurry! Available dates for Fall Festivals are filling up fast so Call Today!



  1. This would solve a lot of problems, for sure. And maybe even reduce the anti-depressant consumption among students, teachers and parents. We could eliminate it entirely if you just put Mooshelle and Barry up there.

  2. Oh, God, I love it! My grandmother did almost all of the cooking when I was growing up and she always said no child ever had to eat something they didn’t like or want at her table. So here I am, 70+ years old and in perfect health. Low cholesterol, low weight, the only med I take is thyroid replacement. Big deal. We ate plenty of bacon, eggs, and everything cooked in bacon grease or lard. It is much better for you. And I wasn’t forced to drink milk. I eventually took a liking to it and drink it when I feel like it. But most recently, I buy half and half instead of milk and it is wonderful.

    My cousin who grew up in the same household…once she married and moved away to another city….she began to use margarine and cake mixes and other short cuts made from awful chemical stuff. She now, at age 77, weighs near 400 pounds. And so do her children. Awful. But it goes to show you what today’s dieticians are causing.

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