1. Another Øbamboozler first: Fundamentally transforming Fast Food joints into walk-in vending machines!

    1. Yep. What did they call them back in the day…automats? Like that but even worse food. As if that’s possible.

      I eat my share of FF – I like some of it just fine. I stay away from that Dollar Menu though…that’s just asking for crapola.

  2. Dig
    Drudge is broadcasting huminoid production overseas

    If I went to Clark county, Nevada, could I apply for a marriage license with a model/serial number along with my identification?

    Seems low maintenance…. When’s the oil change due?


    The vacuum better be adjustable…… I can see it now— the Texas hammmer ( 1-800- wa shurt) takes litigation where it’s never penetrated before

    1. The robot in my pic is the one Drudge posted about. Ever heard of Real Dolls? Google it on Images tab. NSFW. They cost like 6 grand each…way cheaper than a gf or wife and they don’t talk back. >giggles<

  3. You are spot on Earl! Fast food business model was never supposed to provide a “living wage” for a family. It was designed as temporary employment, suplemental income and or a stepping stone for something later in life. They are going to strike themselves out of existence……… Love the media interviews with Latiesha and the rest “I can’t support my 3 children on no $7.50 an hour!”
    A) no shit
    B) think of the consequences before you open your legs
    C) stay in school

    1. Absolutely. And the minimum wage has never been expected to be sufficient to support a family. Ever. My last employer paid the trainees $10/hr. to start. This whole shindig is fostered by SEIU, in cahoots with the White House, no doubt. Just more class warfare from the Party of Fail.

      1. It really doesn’t matter what the hourly wage is if it is not supported by the logical laws of supply and demand. In other words, 10, bucks, 15 bucks, 20 bucks/hour will never be enough for people without skills because the economy just moves with it or around it.
        Just as true, some people (dare I say similar people), can win a million dollars in the lottery and wind up back to broke in a year! If you’re not motivated to develop develop skills and responsibility you will always be broke and disingenuous politicians will be your “best friend”!

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