1. Saying that golf “clears” lamont’s mind is like saying “rain gets the ocean wet”. Suffice it to say that “nature abhors the inside of lamont’s skull”!
    My wife wanted to get the movie “Cocoon” from Netflix, but I told her I didn’t want to watch a documentary of lamont narrated by Mel Tillis.

  2. By the way… people have been misunderstanding lamont for over 5 years now regarding a favorite phrase of his… he is actually saying “Let me be QUEER”! Just trying to help here.

    1. the “Earl of shit for brains”. …..oops, anyone listening…..Homeland Security, FBI, CIA,….any of those guys?….hope not, cause he’s the “dick of all dicks”…..the “shit of all shits”….forever in my book.

      1. heevy Peavy,
        Preoccupation with scat and phallic references… YEP… ol’ “heevy” is JUST as normal as an infamous polite politician in a “gay bar”, Barney, (may I push in your stool?), Frank, or Rosie, (I took out my teeth and GUMMED off my publisher’s “junk”), O’Donnell!

      1. Thanks Earl of Taint! I’ve decided to keep C & H up as well. I have to take into consideration the C & H Top Conservative Blog award which comes out in a couple of months. Can’t wait! Adding Earl of Taint here!


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