1. Upon meeting them both…while also incarcerated…Glinda asked….”are you the good witch or the bad?”

  2. When your strange, faces come out of the rain, when your strange, when your..strange……..

  3. Nice one, Earl.

    I love Perry’s expression, too. He totally cheated the lispy lefties out of their big “gotcha” moment by denying them a sorry-looking mugshot to circulate in their incessant fundraising emails.

    1. Check out the local uber-liberal rag @ statesman.com
      They have a headline story up on the Perry mugshot “memes”. Not a funny one in the bunch. (No, they’d never run any of mine.)

  4. I always wondered what happened to the TV batman villain….”THE JOKER”….DA in Texas…who would of thunk it…

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