Brother Goose Stories

UPDATE 2: The Cover image of BO as Mother Goose has been taken down at the request of the copyright holder of the original art. First time this has ever happened to me, but I do respect the artist’s wishes and rights. So it’s gone from my site as of now.


UPDATE: Unbelievable. Obama’s at it again. What a miserable, nutless, sack of shit.


OK, I was intending to make more entries but I’m already bored with it. Just don’t have much zest for photoshopping these days. You guys can come up with more, I’m sure. Add them in the comments if you’re interested and I’ll try to photoshop em later.  (And no, they don’t have to rhyme – just nail Barry & the Gang)

(BoZero blaming his characterization of ISIS as a “JV Team” on bad intel is what sparked this idea. That and his daily lies, of course.)


little boy blue

peas porridge



  1. Barry had a little lamb
    and tied it to bad intelligence
    he turned around and what he found
    is it died in it’s own crapulence

  2. Actually a crazy-good idea, Earl. And the JV-Team debacle is exactly the thing to hit hard right now. Well done!

    Apologies to William’s version of Barry Had a Little Lamb…

    Barry had a little scam;
    It worked just like a charm.
    He’d cover for the brotherhood,
    And keep them safe from harm.

    Every time they sacked a church,
    Or buried kids alive,
    He’d call their critics racists,
    And his workday’d end at five.

    “They’re not a threat,” he countered,
    As he phoned it in from France.
    They’re strictly JV basketball,
    And you’re a poopie-pants.

    Reporters got no time with him;
    They had to track him down.
    Playing golf with Tiger,
    In shoes lifted from a clown.

    When Christian deaths were piling up,
    too many to ignore.
    He celebrated Ramadan
    with prayer rugs on the floor.

    Now Martha’s Isle is calling,
    And Marine One waits behind.
    “It’s not my call,” is all he says.
    He really thinks we’re blind.

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