1. OMG! What a wonderful opportunity for you to work your magic. This is gonna knock some socks off I can tell.

  2. Okay. So, let me get this straight: a bunch of giant-ass fans and rooftops full of Duracells are going to completely power the state of California — and, later, the entire world — and it will all be totally reliable and satisfactory? Bullshit.

    Wind turbines are really only good at catching fire, exploding, and wrecking the landscape.

    1. If we all pay through the nose, give up creature comforts and clap real hard – it could work. So say the fanboys. Who won’t be anywhere around to comment when society crumbles. They’ll be looting. They’re completely and enthusiastically retarded as fuck.

      1. How about ramming a large pipe up Michelle’s or Barry’s fundament, and channeling the harvested vapor for clean energy? Sort of a very smelly version of the Keystone XL. After all, they’ve been carping about “natural gas” for years. With all the soul food they eat, we’re talking major high octane. And, let’s face it, Mooch looks like she breaks a lot of wind.

        Reminds me of a very old joke. Mooch walks into a pharmacy and asks the pharmacist what type of tampons she should buy. So, the pharmacist asks, “Well, what is your flow like?”

        Mooch says, “Linoleum.”

        1. I’ve heard the Pentagon/DARPA is experimenting with FLOTUS gas. It it very high octane but still too unstable for practical use. Need more money for research and development as a fuel source. They have successfully weaponized it however.

          I hadn’t heard that joke…made me laugh. Thanks Mac.

    2. your forgot: killing bats, eagles and other flying critters the libtards all get their thongs in a wad about.

  3. It’s dark out…night time…50% of the day….the wind blows when it wants to…..the sea rises and falls as it wants to….the bunny/snail darter huggers won’t let us build any more dams, so no more hydro-electric….batteries can’t be built big enough to store any of these systems ….the one and the only true answer is “PIXIE DUST”….and we can’t get mining permits

  4. Pretty funny how:
    Slaughtering 1000s of eagles with wind turbines is now awesome.
    Covering the entire Pacific coastal waters with enormous oil-rig-like wave generators gets the hippie chicks wet, now.
    Darkening the skies over Beijing with soot from the solar cell factories running round the clock makes all the hipsters feel hipper than ever.
    Pacific salmon? F*ck them! Dams are cooler than fish now! How else are we going to avert the fake global warming crisis? The fish must die!
    Almost makes me miss the deluded 60’s flower children. Almost.

  5. Lessee. A bunch of academics got together, blew smoke up each others ass, and came up with an illusion that wind, sun, waves, and unicorn farts, can give us all the power we need. I noted also that the article said something about “numerous studies”. No doubt funded by the taxpayers…ie the middle class. Being a cynical bastard, I seem to remember the recent history of all these unicorn fart based “green energy” companies lavishly funded by the country’s middle class, all went tits up with the executives walking away with millions.
    So we fund these unemployable propeller heads to do yet more “studies” and then fund a bunch of con artists who merely have to kick back about 10% of their severance package to the appropriate bureaucrats and politicians. Pretty soon the con artists are going to outnumber the producers. The parasites already outnumber the producers.

  6. I only now found out where the “comments section” was over there.
    Added my two bits of whoopie cushions and lemon pies.
    Hope it helps.

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