1. Your comment posted with this rather gross and amusing graphic is totally reasonable. When is the last time anyone ever heard a representative, who is up for re-election, sau, “My fellow citizens, in the past two years, I neither sponsored nor voted for any new laws.”

    I’d re-elect that guy in a second. Funny how people think democracy necessarily means endlessly passing laws until we’re a police state.

    1. Thanks Mac. I’ve said it before…too many of the problems we face are the result of politicians “fixing” the problems they created in the first place. I’d be really happy if they all just turned out the lights and went home. Or golfing. Or anything but “helping me”.

    1. Wha….? That’s not her face? I thought it was one of the better likenesses, and I’m not kidding. It just needs a little more fake blonde hair and the glasses. Maybe some lipstick.

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