Gaza Gas Attack



One response to “Gaza Gas Attack

  1. Bruce July 23, 2014 at 11:18 pm

    Wow, it looks like the guy in center frame has lamontocare’s premium dental plan… JUST like in ENGLAND! (Ever notice how Prince Chucklehead’s teeth look like an ear of corn from Chernobyl? And HE is ROYALTY over there! Yep, when you get socialist health care, like lamont wants you to have, your ENTIRE need for anything to do with your body will just be a “line item” on some bureaucrat’s budget. And the first people to figure out they’ve been SCREWED are the stupid PARASITES that VOTED for lamont, because THEY’RE the LAST ones who will get ANYTHING, since they are too poor to fill lamont’s pockets! The right to vote is a precious thing, and the ability to vote for ASSHOLES is the danger of granting that right to imbeciles!!!!)

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