1. Crap. What a day.

    First Archie Andrews gets shot to death and Thor’s now a womyn,

    Next you’re gonna tell me Hobbes is just a stuffed tiger.

  2. I think I dated her….she owns a bar in South Dakota….can’t remember much after that

  3. What?!? That’s not right! She (?) is still white! To really destroy the mythology, they should’ve made Thor a short, fat, half black/half “wise” Latino transsexual. With an eye patch. And scabies. And head lice…tugging three kids along.

  4. OldWhiteythat ain't gonna die, not just yet. Sorry, oprah-get gayle to come slap me around... PLEASE!!! says:

    Off topic
    Am I the only injun in town wondering
    Like, a cold winters day and you pass time assembling a 5billion piece jigsaw puzzle, about the toasted 777. (Bbc.com has unfuked news we can use, that is not spinning towards our anus)
    It may or may not take time, but you know some people love to step up and try a Hail Mary or a grand slam, (or, in the following case, a cluster fick dedicated to papa alinsky)
    What if… Barry decides to suddenly grow a pair and step in?
    Well, besides reggie bending over first…

    Call me a naysayer, but the only turd I ever trusted and
    Understood from chi-town was big al Capone
    Now that was a true hero with nads and a clear plan. You knew where you stood (or, laid in your blood) with that man.

    Kids, if balless Barry decides to prove he may be able to participate in a pissing match with vlad, over the atrocity with the 777, …
    Hell. Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, and Rod Serling would all be kicked to curb. Clancy must be rolling over.

    At times like these, I follow my ancestors views…
    “Hard times call for hard whiskey”. … Sir Winston Churchill

    Stock up while you can.

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