Home Allgone

Hilarious new romantic action comedy inspired by actual events. Based loosely on the classic “Home Alone” series of films, in this treatment the ‘Bad Guys’ are the ‘Good Guys’ and the Kid just isn’t all that clever. In fact he’s pretty dense, but what he lacks in brainpower he more than makes up for in pure irrational hatred and zeal. You’ll find yourself laughing and laughing at his irrepressible bravado in the face of constant failure and humiliation. Starring Ben Netanyahu, Daniel Stern and a rotating cast of actors playing the Kid. (Watch closely to catch them all, just like in Oz, they come and go very quickly.) 5 stars!

home allgone

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  1. There’s really nothing wrong with this political scenario that a mushroom-cloud over “Palestein” (with the “stop killing our people and bombing our cities, dammit” non-traditional Jewish spelling) couldn’t cure. Of course THAT would cause the “Imam-in-cheef” lamont insane obamski to get apoplectic and threaten Israel about being mean to moHAMmed, his wife “HO”hammed, his mistress CAMELhammed, and the balance of “the religion of piss(ed off murdering rectums)”, but HEY… you make an omelet… you kill a few camel-shaggers! (Not that I’ve got an attitude about THAT!)

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