1. Whenever I hear the Clintons are “giving to charity”, I always suspect it is their “charitable” foundation, whose funds they control. It’s just a question of which pocket it’s going into.

    1. Your suspicions are correct. The Clinton Foundation, specifically. And they do perform some admirable things for poor Africans and such. But they serve the family financially, to great benefit, yep.

  2. outside of some wingbats in New york state….whoever voted for that troglodyte of a woman?….(my apologies to any and all, past and present Troglodytes)……I can’t imagine PAYING money to hear her speak on any subject….cept maybe dodging them there sniper rounds in Bosnia, cuz i likes me a good ol’ war movie….gonna sees me one tonight with good ol’ Uncle Earnest T….

  3. Stoners ask (anyone) “Dood, where’s my car?”
    Detroiters ax “where da white wimin at?”
    Haitians ask the Clintons “Where’d all the money go mon?”
    The dishonesty of the Clintons is only exceeded by their all-consuming greed!

  4. Well, I can see how the clinton’s left the WH broke… it had to cost them a FORTUNE to get Mr. Ed’s teeth transplanted into Chelsea’s mouth!

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