Obama Catched A Big Fish

While the Administration is claiming Ahmed Abu Khattala “is alleged to have been one of the masterminds” of the Benghazi attacks, confidential sources in Libya state he was only responsible for “answering the phones, some light filing and going out for donuts”. We’ll have more information as the story develops. Meanwhile, enjoy the spin.

bald eargle

The illustration above is a dramatization, obviously. Here is an actual photo of the Commander in Chief, directing the commando raid personally:




  1. Awesome… Wait, you didn’t alter an official Pete Souza White Hut photo for that 2nd one, did ya? Because that’s a federal crime, Buddy. Sez so right in the captions under every one of those ass-kissing, POTUS-aggrandizing propaganda pieces they release.

  2. The only reason he was taken at this time is because he needed to distract from his release of the 4 top terrriorists. Great post

  3. So my PERSONAL opinion is, if lamont is going to be portrayed as a BIRD, it may be appropriate to use the CHICKEN, (although chicken-SHIT would be more ACCURATE), or a VULTURE rather than a bald eagle.
    And while we’re on the subject, what about his chicken LEGS. I’ve seen more meat on a hummingbird’s legs!

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