Senator Harry Reid Opens Shelter For Unaccompanied Migratory Boys

by Earl of Taint/ MFNS

June 21, 2014

(HENDERSON, NV) Today Senator Harry Reid proudly announced the grand opening of his new Migratory Boys Ranch right here in Henderson. Providing food, healthcare and a clean, non-judgmental sanctuary for undocumented boys aged 12 to 17, the shelter will accommodate 1,500 young, trusting and gullible boys when filled to maximum capacity. Highlights include a variety of rough, sweaty sports and various other strenuous activities plus lots of private counseling time with the Senator.

“Being an issue of great personal importance to me, I am dedicating myself to its success by taking a complete hands-on approach with these kids.” said Senator Reid, “I intend to become intimately acquainted with each of them. Inside and out. And when they’re of age, and getting all hairy, they will leave here as better men.”

harry reid boys ranch


  1. No doubt the DVD library is FILLED with “Gladiator” movies from Hairy Palms personal stash! Not that there’s anything WRONG with that, but Hairy’s favorite team is the “Packers”, (and I don’t mean football).

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