1. On the left is a criminal. On the right is one that doesn’t pursue criminals which is criminal. One is a know Muslim. One denies being a Muslim. The one on the left is open and proud of what he does. The one on the right does nothing about the criminals like the one on the left and has nothing to be proud of.

  2. I am a professional photographer, a former Marine Corps Combat Photojournalist and expert archival photo re-toucher. Those eyes on the left are 100% digitally manipulated, and very poorly executed. Everything about this current executive regime is not only lawless, but disorganized, haphazard, unstrategized, and sloppy.

    1. I just imported the photo into Photoshop, marquee-selected Eric Holder’s eyes, and dragged them over to the figure on the left. The eyes are an EXACT duplicate with only minor color correction and contrast altered. The image on the left is a very poorly executed composite; a fabrication. Also, where the seam on the left collar meets the skin, are digital artifacts and clear evidence of a cloning tool used. I’m not a Mr. know-it-all, just analyzing what is self-evident, and sharing the information with you. Take it or leave it.

      1. Do you know what it is I do here, Tim? I always figured it was kind of obvious. It’s 99.9% satire, my friend. Conservative political cartoony-type things, nothing more. Pretty much everything is cloned, one way or another. It’s for the visual effect, see?

        Thanks for your service,

        1. Thanks for clarifying, Earl. You may want to also let grammasheila (above) know. ;) Aside from the eyes, the likeness is uncanny.

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