1. Oh my Gawd! That is inspired snark of the first degree. “Will Lyfordeaux.” Brilliant. But, honestly, the IRS deserves some credit for the working material. I mean, this kind of ridiculous crap doesn’t just get handed to you every day! ;)

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  3. Yup! Ah been a system programmah fo’ twenty yeahs, ‘an Ah seen it happ’n all da time.
    Dose damnn’d glitches in da bits ‘an bytes are ah somobtch. All you got to do is switch a little ol’ numbah ‘One’ (1) to a numbah ‘Zero’ (0) an’ POW, ZAAP, BAM !! Dere dey go!!

  4. My take on this…

    If Sarah Palin had written an alleged provocative e-mail to a high-school boyfriend, ran over her computer with a D-10 Cat, set FIRE to the smashed parts, and threw the ashes into a VOLCANO, the left would have found the evidence to destroy her image within ONE WEEK, with the ORIGINAL e-mail and a web-cam video of her writing it!!!

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