1. criticalmass,
    So, your name… do you say bad things about Catholic Church services?
    ANYWAY, his workout looks so hard CORPSE! If you don’t emulate him correctly he’ll call you a racist!
    Hairless, body of a ten year old girl, but, sorry to complain… his “package” is WAAAAY to big for the dickless wonder, and the ears are 3 times too small. Remember, Earl, why be kind when you can be accurate!

    1. Appreciate the constructive criticism, always.

      Truth is we’re short on ears. Our factory is working 24/7 – we’re at max capacity and can’t keep up with demand. So we have to rely on outside sources – they sometimes send unripe ears and we have to set them in the window for a few days. Sounds like one pair slipped through. Sorry about that – and Good Eye!

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