1. He is actually looking for his dignity in the most logical place to find it, (and it’s dual purpose… it will be used as a cesspool afterward).

  2. Uh . . . This is actually the 8th hole. The prior 7 holes were for scandals buried so deeply they may never be unearthed. This time he’s digging all the way to China. Look for a new media distraction involving China !

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  4. Obviously he fell into the hole and can’t figure out what this strange device he found in the bottom is. Digging is a form of that four letter word Obama is allergic to – “WORK”.

  5. My 5th choice isn’t any more clever than your suggestions. However, my feeling is that he could be digging a really, really deep hole/shaft in which to put all that icky, yucky global warming stuff that is munging up the galaxy. He did say there would be “shovel-ready jobs”, after all.

      1. Yes, the old “carbon sink” theory, right? Burying calcium carbonate will solve everything. The plan is simple and elegant: you invest billions of dollars to bury a lot Tums tablets.

        I hope they’re not the lime and orange flavored ones, though. I love those.


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