1. OldWhiteythat ain't gonna die, not just yet. Sorry, oprah-get gayle to come slap me around says:

    Must admit… Several weeks now I’ve had the same bad dream, and it’s easing up now, thanks to BigBarrys rotation of scandals.
    Isn’t bill whittle right on his “Gaslighting” description? Except, damn, this is out of hand now… Like every 5 days. Too bad the newspapers don’t exist anymore- they could sell tons of ink on …..
    But I digress.
    What bothered me greatly was a confrontation. I was in 6th grade and living too close to carswell afb in foat wuth, tx, and seeing the b-52s rotate out constantly heading south was common. All the time. Saturday morning, you want to sleep in, but NOOO, our men are staying ready to erase Fidel in a heartbeat.
    My best friends dad and bros started digging a huge hole in backyard, about 23 miles from ground zero carswell afb. I helped; it was fun. Then came the bomb shelter.

    I remember what it’s like to look up and realize everything you have known or seen could be gone in a flash… In your dreams… After looking at the devistation in Nagasaki and realizing the hatred between world leaders and the lies and the shear amount of firepower available.

    But that was 13 days in 62. I was 10. I was scared, but I knew I’d make it out, cause I was a Boy Scout…
    Flash forward to now.
    You have a superior world class leader confronting a second city homo ballsonchin pothead that never been in a schoolyard fight, much less military or economic or business training.

    Just what would happen if Barry backhand bitchslapped Putin?

    I can sleep better now
    Cause Barry ain’t never slapped nobody before, and he ain’t goin to now

    1. Cool story Bro.

      AF Base in Austin had B-52s back when I was a kid. Monster planes. We didn’t have a bomb shelter though. The parents took us out to grandparents in West Texas during the ’62 ‘crisis’. Out of range of Cuba, they figured. I was 5 and recall nada.

      We had a couple of Army Hercules/Nike SAM missile sites near the base too, which I never knew. Wiki entry for Bergstrom AFB has the GPS coords for both posted.

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