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Taking A Short Break

Postings will be light (if any) for the next few days. Sorry but a new health problem has presented itself and I’ll be a little tied-up for a bit.

More details once I have them. And I will be back soon.

Thanks to you all for the great support.


Obama Catched A Big Fish

While the Administration is claiming Ahmed Abu Khattala “is alleged to have been one of the masterminds” of the Benghazi attacks, confidential sources in Libya state he was only responsible for “answering the phones, some light filing and going out for donuts”. We’ll have more information as the story develops. Meanwhile, enjoy the spin.

bald eargle

The illustration above is a dramatization, obviously. Here is an actual photo of the Commander in Chief, directing the commando raid personally:



Illegal Aliens


MFNS Breaking: US Building Toxic Border Barrier With Mexico

For the back story, see the original MFNS news report right here.


Actress Amy Adams Gives Soldier Her First-Class Seat

A Kind And Generous Act.

And I guess her seat is fairly described as First Class. At least in those pants.

(Sent in by Alert Reader PuyallupPete. Great story, Pete. And an outstanding headline.)

amy adams seat

The Bear Is Un-Loose

There’s no real danger, of course. One: Eric Holder runs the Justice Dept and Two: Obama has a really skinny neck.

phony scandals


And now she is 4.

She’s smart, funny, insightful and beautiful. And she’s not a Lib. Proud to say she’s my Editor, Mentor, Benefactor and DoublePlus Great Friend.

Diogenes Sarcastica is celebrating her site’s 4th anniversary today. Go get some cake and ice cream and wish her many happy returns of the day, or something.

I can’t thank her enough for all she’s done for my place. So I’ll make her a little card instead.

Happy Birthday DMF

Obama: Federal Bone-Heads Keep A Government That Works From Actually Working


It’s Still The I.R.S.


Something About The Guy Bugs Me


The Princess Lied


Author: Hillary Has A Bad Heart

Well dang.

hillary heart is broke