Eat Without Fear – John Stossel

Stossel nails it again. The anti-GMO hysteria is completely without merit and unsupported by extensive scientific study and years of experience.

Jon Entine of the Genetic Literacy Project responds: “We’ve eaten about 7 trillion meals in the 18 years since GMOs first came on the market. There’s not one documented instance of someone getting so much as a sniffle.”

Given all the fear from media and activists, you might be surprised to learn that most serious scientists agree with him. “There have been about 2,000 studies,” says Entine, and “there is no evidence of human harm in a major peer-reviewed journal.”

Yet anti-GMO activists ignore the science and work aggressively to block production and consumption of healthy, nutritious foods – especially in poorer counties where it is most desperately needed. Just as the so-called “organic” farming methods they espouse cannot produce the same volume of food as demand requires today. Millions would starve to death in the name of Food Purity.

Maybe that’s the plan.

gmo vultures


  1. Goddamn these mind-numbingly stupid lefties. Reminds me of when I was an undergrad — and this is true — this unkempt, straggly-haired, flowered dress-wearing, sandaled hippie girl walked into the chem lab I was in, and started hysterically wailing about the alleged perils of the gamma irradiating of food. Everyone pretty much rolled their eyes. One guy pointed out that gamma irradiation of produce is routinely done in Scandinavia (certainly no hotbed of evil corporatism), and they’re all just fine. It preserves food for way longer than if it weren’t done. Saves people money, and greatly reduces food waste. Strawberries last for, like, 4 months in the fridge. It completely kills e. coli in meat. Does nothing to you. Harmless. Doesn’t change the food one bit. This batshit commie broad couldn’t have cared less. It was a big plot to kill us all, apparently.

    We’re now seeing the same paranoid hysteria and lefty activist indignation with genetically modified food. These puking little left-wing douchebags don’t know shit about science. And we’re the “deniers”. Liberal “science” is really religion, not science. These anti-GMO liberals are now responsible for untold numbers of dead people.

    Nice job, Earl of Taint.

    1. Mac,
      I invite you to take a stroll down Pearl Street in Boulder Colorado. It will be Deja Voodoo for you, where the unshaved and unbathed granola Birkenstock broads will remind you of why soap is a potential aphrodisiac. Their ablution habits are less effective than birds rolling in gutter water. Their boyfriends (for the few who aren’t lesbians) must have the worst sinus infections known to man if they can be in the same room.

      1. Ha! Funny. I take it they all have hairy pits, and unexplored jungle-type bush, too, since that’s “natural”. Organic hemp & pumpkin soap on the rare occasions they do bathe?

        1. I assure you, I did NOT investigate their “earthy” pits, and GOD FORBID that I would entertain investigation of their equally stinky “nether-regions”.
          FYI, I don’t think they would call their hirsute mommy-part area “bush” because of the allusion to George W. “satan-in-the-flesh” Bush, the poster-man of evil to moronettes.

          1. I think shaved volvos is verboten these days with the Feministas, on account of patriarchy or something. Can’t state for certain since we don’t hang out. Anyone know?

  2. Just WHY don’t the “race-baiters” condemn this as the racism it is? Millions die because of inferior food supply, millions die because of the banning of DDT, and those MILLIONS are typically BLACK FOLKS! Margaret Sanger would be PROUD! (The main reason for Planned non-Parenthood was “ethnic hygiene” (gee, what’s another way that could be said… I wonder… CLEANSING maybe?)) While the jack-ass Al Notsosharpton and the jill-ass Jesse Jerkson look for boogeymen to blame where none exist!

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