Smart Diplomacy: Obama Outs Top CIA Operative In Afghanistan

Chief of Station. The top Spook. But of course it’ll be excused as inadvertent. Not intentionally evil like when Bush Did It Too. (Only those of us old enough to remember know that Valerie Plame rode a desk in Washington DC. She was no more covert than I was. She and her worthless husband were 100% politically motivated. And the Media was more than happy to amplify their “case”, all to injure Bush. The Bastids.)

afghan cia outed


  1. Absolutely right about Valerie Plame and the bullshit about her “outing.” And now OBlowMe does it for real. Nice work on the Commander’s leather flight jacket’s decorations! Love the Mickey Mouse insignia and the moonbat wings. :)

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  3. OK, now I’m slightly confused… WHICH “top Spook” are we talking about here?

    1. Head CIA in country – Chief of Station. I don’t remember reading his name – WH got word out pretty quick to pull the story back. Too late though in Afghan & the guy had to leave asap.

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