1. Artistically and snarkologically superb. However, the technical flaw cheapens the work. No way Mooshelle would ever have such a grin of pleasure on her face while it’s that close to Barry’s filthy ass.

    1. Good point – and it did occur to me. I pasted her in to cover an attractive young woman in the orig. Beefed her up a bit is all. Gave her a break from the Ferengi face. Won’t happen again.

  2. I can just imagine the conversation in your head while you’re working on this.
    EarlOfSmeagol: “This is impossible.”
    EarlOfGollum: “What?”
    EarlOfSmeogol: “How do we mock OBlowMe’s characterization of the GOP as radical and outrageous and dangerous?? We’d have to show him in all his raunchy, sadistic, Caligulistic glory. How do we do that? Show him in an orgy?”
    EarlOfGollum: “Challenge accepted!!”

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