Obama Won’t Tolerate Federal Agencies’ Waste, Corruption And Inefficiency When They Get Caught

Pretty sure no other President has been forced to deal with an entrenched, corrupt and unresponsive bureaucracy. But this time it’s different. This time it’s Obama. He is one of them and They Have His Back. That’s what they say when he asks them, over and over. They vote for him and donate to him (OK, their Union does these for them, same thing) and there is no way – no way – they will allow petty self-interests, like hanging on to their cushy jobs and pensions, to interfere with the ultimate goal of advancing the narrative of his National Vision for Justice Reparations.

No, they’ll reform now, finally. They’ll change. They’ll do everything better. They’ll do it all for Him.


confronting his bureaucrats


  1. Lamont Vader… EARL, you GENIUS… and the ears are HILARIOUS!!!!
    Just hook him up with Jabba the Slut, or Needo Government and you’ve got a SET!!!

  2. Hey, nice going, Earl, getting mentioned in ASK’s interview of Diann Russell the other night. You were being talked about as the next big talent on par with Oleg Atbashian and BFH. You be famous, Bro! :)

          1. I listened to most of it. Totally awesome, thanks for the heads-up. I gotta get over and thank Dianny for her kind words. I got that thrill up my leg goin on here…

            And believe it or not, I do have filters. They just have a rather coarse mesh.

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