1. How Nevadans can vote for that twisted clown is beyond me.

    Hey Earl, I just figured out recently that the Political Clown Parade’s Curmudgeon is a chick, but I’m STILL not clear on whether Diogenes is a girl or not. “She” seems to indicate that way, but the cheesecake posts are confusing. I’ve been reading Di’s stuff forever and been trying to figure it out for a long time with no luck. You kinda work for “her.” What’s the deal?

    1. Both are ladies (my angels) and both are great friends. Curmudgeon had me fooled with her name, at first. I suspect Diogenes’ cheesecake posts are attractants – a smart move, if so.

      1. Thanks, Bro. I think you’re right about the attractants. We guys are easily baited, so that’s a smart move. But the good writing and good eye for news and libtardery has always been attractive, too. If we could just get her to move to WordPress so it was easier (or even possible) to comment, I would say so to her more directly!

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