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And FLOTUS Is Back On The Job

michelle dancing

Crafting The Benghazi Talking Points


Ol’ Strong And Steady

Well that’s what they called him in the Benghazi talking points email:


That’s funny because I heard he just went to bed…

ol Strong and Steady


New Dee-Sign Up In The Store

Just fyi. Here’s the link to the site.

This one could be adapted to feature any one of the other 56 states – should anyone desire it.

texas sauce small


I’ve Certainly Seen Enough

This one’s a little busy, sorry. I just kept thinking of things to include. I ran out of room. What did I miss?

Click for to view full size, Comrades.

fundamental change

No Inequality Here

How It Starts


Obama Goes To Church

easter service

Koch Brothers Cannot Buy Our Government – Current Owners Refuse To Sell



Peter King (R-NY) Has Gone Insane, Just Saying

Another great old flick

dr porklove

I’m Into Old Movies

Here’s a classic:

dr chicago

Nancy Pelosi Gives A Foot Bath To Another Immigrant