FLOTUS Adopts New Chinese Workout Routine

Defend Yo Breffix!

(MFNS China) First Lady Michelle Obama was spotted Tuesday practicing a modified form of Ta’i Ch’i in a park along with local paid stooges. Combining fitness, meditation and 2 Deluxe Tacos al Carbon, the strict regimen of the Tac’o Ch’i fits her active lifestyle. Once back in the States, Mrs Obama plans to introduce this remarkable Chinese program to an American audience. Watch for the upcoming debut of Ri’b Ch’i, Swee’t Potat’o Ch’i and Baco’n Eg’g and Chees’e Ch’i, just to name a few!

taco chi



  1. Some women are said to have an “hourglass shape”. magilla has a “sandbag figure”.
    Her designer clothes are made by Gloria Peterbilt and Calvin Kenworth.
    lamont has retained T. R. Paulin to make her some appropriate “ling-guree”.
    He likes the fact that she has more “junk in the trunk” than a container ship!
    When she was a kid she used to play “hideous and seek”.


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