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Obama Needs The Economy To Get Back On Its Feet So He Can Knock It Down Again

economy down

A Scene From The Oval Office This Evening:


This Is From Our New Telescope That Sees Into The Future

Following the implosion of the extraordinarily dense Planet Hillary, superheated gasses will be ionized and ejected far out into space, forming twin glowing clouds of dust and matter shaped rather ironically as the candidate’s signature physical formations; her elephantine calf and ankle aggregates known popularly as Cankles. The Lifetaint Channel is proud to present a 15 minute special look at this reassuring new discovery.

cankle nebula

A Picture Of Barack Obama’s Personal GPS

This is another one of them thar things WhatBubbaKnows.

Can’t say it’s far fetched either. Built-in directions to bypass Congress…

obama's gps

The State Of The Union Couldn’t Be Much Worse

Until, of course, it is.


Caricature Of Obama – Blame It On Rush and Fox News

The Blamer in Chief strikes again. What a pusswad.

obama caricature

NY Times Magazine: “Planet Hillary”

planet hillary

Wendy Davis Drops Off Her Kids

This really happened.

wendys kids

NYPD Pummel 84 Yr-Old Man Bloody For Jaywalking

What kind of plantation is DeBlasio running up there?


Beyonce Is So Damn Beautiful And So Damn Sexy And So Damn In. My. House…


So Says President Air Ball


He Knows Everything And He Knows Nothing

obama dont know