1. So, is this the group… doesthisdresshidemyWillie, Phillis, Si-chotic and Jasé-faire? The more I see this ugly Wookiee and its worthless half-honky husband the more I understand bulimics (spitting up in my mouth is a drag).
    When they completely flush this nation down the toilet, are the “STUPID” still going to be making excuses for them and saying the “laws” of economy and patriotism are somehow RACIST because shit-for-brains failed at making the turd of communism into gold?
    I vote for a one-time “reverse amnesty”! Every IDIOT who voted for this imbecile’s husband or wants to be called and “african-american” gets DEPORTED to the African nation of their choice, and can NEVER come back… not even on vacation! SCREW ‘EM, and the camels they rode in on!!!!!!!!!

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