Dan Savage Is A Hateful Asshole

Dan Savage reviews just the introduction to Sarah Palin’s new book, because he couldn’t stomach any more than that after he’d “eaten an entire bag of dicks”.

An excerpt:

“But people like me aren’t replacing “merry Christmas” with
“happy holidays” to be “politically correct,” as Palin insists
in the introduction to her stupid book, we’re doing it
because we don’t want people to think we’re assholes**.

So happy f***ing holidays to you, Sarah.
I hope you choke on a cinnamon bun.”

**Which just happens to be exactly what being “politically correct” means. Dumbass.

Here’s the whole piece–> Good Grief and Great Tits. It gets better. And by better I mean he gets worse.

Meanwhile, out just in time for Christmas (and it’s just hateful):

dan savage is St Lichanus


  1. Like woodsterman, I’ve never heard of Dan Savage, but having lived in So Cal previously, I’ve heard of his brother “Silly”, (who also has an affinity for the word “asshole”).

  2. Dan’s a hateful little packer. If you’ve never heard of him, sorry to bring him into your life. He truly is scum. But he gets away with it because Lib Hypocrisy. I just thought it was an interesting contrast, in light of the recent Phil Robertson Two Minutes Hate. Was gonna spoof as “Dick Dynasty” or “Dick DeyNasty” but didn’t go there.

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