A Holiday Classic – 5 Years Running

This is the one where Clark takes other people’s money and gives everyone really crappy “gifts” before bugging out on a $4 million, taxpayer-funded Hawaiian vacation where he plays golf and eats sno-cones for 17 days.

Not a big favorite at our house but we’re forced to watch it like everyone else.

Mele Kalikimaka  to all!

Christmas Vacation



  1. This nails him , I hope he stays also maybe he will quit destroying us. hope you don’t mind a reblog

  2. Definitely reblogging. Gotta share the pain of this assclown and his big bills he’s sticking us with again. I just feel sorry for the hundreds of staffers who will be stuck away from their families again this year at Christmas while they fetch Moose lattes and caddy for the big kahuna-head.

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