1. Whoaaa… Bullshitwinkle is now playing cello? How come Bawney Fwank isn’t on the skin flute? And, shouldn’t Juan McCain be playing a sphincter of some sort? Plus, I would expect Pegrossi and Shrillery to be on the French Whore-n. lamont CONducting? I can’t imagine he would EVER not use his Lyre!!!

  2. I think lamont should be honored by the Indigenous Americans with a new name that has historical significance. Because of his mendacious performance regarding “hell-thcare” in 2010 thru the election of 2012, I would like to offer that his new name be Lying Sack-a-shit-wea. Now, c’mon… you KNOW he’s EARNED it!

  3. I know that took a lot of work and it was worth it, Earl. Too funny and just splendiferous! You done yourself proud.

  4. Earl, you’ve saved me from at least 5 aneurysms in the past month alone. This site is an industrial-strength mood-altering drug. Thank you for sharing your creative skill and evil mind with us!

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