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Campaign 2016 – Never Too Soon To Start


First The Turkey Then The Gobblers

pres pardon

I’m Full Of Hate, I Guess

But I just can’t stomach his brand of turkey.

a different kind of turkey

We’ve Always Put The Lefties At The Kids’ Table.

From now on, we’re just going to put them out.

liberals at thanksgiving

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. We did. (No Libs this year!)

Down At The Sad Cafe

liberal losers

Hey Kids, Here Comes Obama Claus!

With a slightly different Christmas Holiday dynamic!

obama claus

John Kerry Denies Giving It Up All Free And Easy To Iran

But we see what we see…

kerry sleeps with iran

He’s The People’s Choice

Just not the American people. Well OK, not the decent American people.

people's choice

The Iranian Team Has A New Sponsor

iranian racing

Makes It So Much Easier To Get Things Done

more like china

The Latest Act Of A Desperate “Man”

Stacking the courts so he can end-run and/or stymie Congress? That’s Chavismo!

ramming speed

Hillary Wins At Irony