Great Moments In Transmogrification

A morale booster for those of you out there questioning your gender identity.

It Gets Better. Here’s an inspirational anecdote of exceptional transgenitalization, to give you hope.


(Note: Laurie O’Donnell not pictured as her vagina grew back so she’s off the team. Alexis Baldwin is the leading contender to fill the open slot though it’s assumed the producers are holding off until after she’s exited menopause. Because, you know…hysterics.)



  1. That guy in the middle looks like Ferry Bueller… and Alexis Baldwin… that double entendre just eviscerated my schlort! That would give new meaning to the term “Heave Ho”!

  2. Great job, Earl. I nearly lost it when I saw that picture. Well done with Edwina. She looks like one of the gals I used to date. NOT!

  3. I once worked with a woman who looked very similar to Edwina. True story. Massive cankles. We called her The Ogress. She got bedsores from her office chair.

    1. As the Secretary of Media in Iran, (Obama bin Spankin’) would say, after he ushers boys out of his private quarters and finishes “grooming” his camel… “Oh my Allah”

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