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Everyone’s Halloween Favorite:

the great liar

When You Dance With The Devil…


He Cannot Tell The Truth


His Signature Achievement

obamacare glitches

How Much More Do You Need To See?

more government

The Cruz, He Burns Them.

cruz burns the blood suckers

They’ll Have It All Fixed In A Month And A Half…

train wreck obamacare

New Spokesmodel For Obamacare

new spokesmodel for obamacare

It’s DEAD!!

“That’s Wanken-Schtain!”

obamacare doa

Great Moments In Transmogrification

A morale booster for those of you out there questioning your gender identity.

It Gets Better. Here’s an inspirational anecdote of exceptional transgenitalization, to give you hope.


(Note: Laurie O’Donnell not pictured as her vagina grew back so she’s off the team. Alexis Baldwin is the leading contender to fill the open slot though it’s assumed the producers are holding off until after she’s exited menopause. Because, you know…hysterics.)


Healthcare.Gov: A Little Slow Out Of The Gate.

President admits to website “kinks”, calls in experts, continues flogging.

obamacare not running well

Buy The Insurance And Nobody Gets Hurt, See? Nyah!

obama and sebelius