1. “…You’re invited and I hope you join us.” [but if you DON’T, I’m going to have tens of thousands of heartless bastards at the IRS to hunt you down and DESTROY you!]
    “this is going to work”, NOT because is makes any sense, NOT because it complies with laws of economics and physics, but because I am LAMONT INSANE OBAMA and I said it’s going to. If it DOESN’T work I’m going to accuse gravity, water, boats and Rush Limbaugh of being RACISTS!
    Oh, by the way… I will be playing golf when it’s launched, and if it sinks, (like an anti-union activist with concrete Florsheims), George W Bush will be going down with the ship, because NOTHING is my fault!

  2. You’ll notice that all the democrat rats and the Obama taint licking RINOs have sulked off and only “butt-pirate Barry” is left to go down the with ship. Don’t worry though the sycophantic liberal MSM will craft the narrative that he “walked on water away from the sinking ship which was Fox News’ fault after all.”

    1. Michellesbigsilverback, you reminded me of a rumor (I’m starting) that Barium Oenema’s favorite group isn’t JayZ or any other cRAP group, but rather the Butthole Surfers.

      1. Yep! The title song “Turd is the Word” from their debuting album still gets Obama and Rahm Emanuel out on the dance floor at “Man’s Country!”

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