1. Although he resides in the body of a 50 year old anorexic, the trauma of being abandoned by his bigamist father at 2, abandoned by his libertine demimonde mother when he was about 6, lamont insane obama suffers from “arrested development” and, at best, is emotionally about 4 years old, so the image is absolutely PERFECT in illustrating the childish pout so typical of the “boy who would be king”. Watch him when he’s off-teleprompter and note that his reactions are more like a kindergartner that a “grown-ass man”, (although the jury’s still out on the “man” part).

    1. More like the body of a 50 year old chain smoking AIDS infected anorexic… when future biographers ask Rahm Emanuel about Obama’s “less than closet” homosexuality, he’ll tell them Obama wasn’t born gay…he was sucked into it…..

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