Exonerated: Bob Filner Completes Therapy Early. All Charges Dropped.

Middle Finger News Service

August 10, 2013

In a bold move sure to be replicated by desperate liberals everywhere, embattled Democratic Mayor Bob Filner of San Diego emerged from intensive libido-cessation therapy a week early, announcing the treatment was 100% successful and she has become a woman.

Upon hearing this development authorities announced a dismissal of all pending charges as well as a blanket waiver of any future accusations against California’s first democratically elected transgender Grrl Mayor. “She’s protected-class now, stated LC Therapy Team Leader Rosie O’Donnell, …you can’t touch her. But she can touch you.”

Filner says she currently has no plans for surgery. “That’s the best part. I get to keep my unit. I’m a lesbian, I’m not gay.”

mayor bob filner


  1. Hey Earl of Taint! You’ve got a great site here. I’ve borrowed a couple of your images … of course giving credit to you. I’m adding you to my blog roll if that’s okay.

  2. Rosie’s mustache is just tops. All of it is great. Also i am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body but without the sexual confusion.

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