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If I Were Syrian I Would Not Find This Comforting

obama vs syria


So Awkward

syria vs iraq

Syrian Door Hangers

syrian door hanger

FLOTUS’ New Highlights: “Meat Lovers”

flotus hairdo

raw materials

I put up the full size fairy knockouts in the event someone would like to use them in their own pics.

Use ’em if you want.




also the full size ko of obowma



*update – If anyone would like to use these, just for the record, no credit to me is expected or necessary.

I Made A Google Doodle

…out of Bowin’ Barry

click the pic if you want to see it full size




Syria Must Be Punished or Something

princess powder puff

Dang. I Missed This Last Night…

I LOVE this guy!

mylie cyrus beetlejuice

I can’t place the girl, though. Anyone recognize the Skank?


My Little President – New Movie

the goverrnment fairy

My Little President Boldly Confronts Her Enemies, Both Foreign And Domestic

Makes me so proud to be an American.

my little president

Cute New Show

obama iran red lines syria

Manning Doing Hard Time

and loving it.

chelsea clinton I mean manning