Celebrating National Dependence Day

From the President’s July Fourth Radio Address:

“He was once a proud symbol of The United States. But that tired old white man Uncle Sam was just out of ideas. He constantly reminded us of our country’s need for our service and courage. Incessantly pointing fingers and telling us what HE wanted. Never an inquiry as to Our needs or, most important of all, what He would DO for US. I mean, Where’s Yo Dollah?…am I right? Well that’s not the America we know and I have no patience for those who cling to these symbols so bitterly. On this Fourth of July holiday, we’re standing for Change. If Congress won’t act, I will. And it’s time for a new National Symbol. Something fresh, progressive and representatitive of our current values as a People. Now don’t worry. Old Uncle Sam can still hang around. He can even ride in the car but he’s gotta sit in the back! We’ve got a new Driver:”

tired old white man“Divisive, hurtful symbol of Patrimony and Niblished Anglo Coda Male-Centric Power Constructure Equitinities, Uncle Sam is hereby removed from the National Catalog and embargoed from official and constripinatory use under penalty of fine and or incarcerentation.”

Say Goodbye To Uncle Sam and Say Hello To Auntie Mamm:

dependence day july 4 2013

“Remember, Government is just a word for the Things We Do Together. On behalf of myself, Michelle and the girls, I wish you all a safe and enjoyable Dependence Day holiday. We’re glad You’re In.” – President Barack Hussein Obama, The White House, July 4, 2013