Obama Un-Hides The Sausage

President Obama chose a NYC Pride Parade as the perfect venue to reveal his 2nd term agenda for the country. Until now, the President had kept his ‘to-do list’ in his drawers. He took it out today, for all to see. Speaking briefly to reporters, Obama admitted it’s an ambitious plan and too big for one man, “No President can do this alone. But with the help of gullible Americans like these two dipshits, I feel confident we can retake the House and ram it through.”


obama pride parade


  1. McCain, if you keep your back to that thing you’re going to get a big surprise.

  2. Nice touch having Valerie carrying his green balls on a plate. And did you photoshop in Samantha Power in the background? Or is that just some random woman hauling a suitcase on wheels at a gay pride event? I’m not sure which is stranger…

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