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It’s Good To Be The Government

better for some than others…

obama the queen

Same Old BS

obama scandals

Barack Obama Wants To Give The Middle Class A Shot. Or Two.

Government is simply a word for the things we choose to do to you together.

giving the middle class a shot

michelle obama, horse,

Caption this


obama scandals

Another Ninny

I mean Nanny

bloomberg cuomo

Here’s a pic of a daft Ninny

with nose rings

melissa harris perry

Launching a new site at work

Big project going that will hoover-up much of my genetically-limited bandwidth, so posts here will be reduced a bit. Probably.

Real Time Chicago Police Scanner Feed

Listen for yourself.

Barack Obama’s Homies in action.

A Blatant Case Of Canine Profiling

inspired by a photo posted at Jokeroo by way of Alpha Site

canine profiling


The Reverends Explain It

al sharpton and jesse jackson

Fairy Tale Fail

To be honest, the King pushed him off.

obama detroit fail