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It’s Good To Be The Government

better for some than others…

obama the queen


Same Old BS

obama scandals

Barack Obama Wants To Give The Middle Class A Shot. Or Two.

Government is simply a word for the things we choose to do to you together.

giving the middle class a shot

michelle obama, horse,

Caption this


obama scandals

Another Ninny

I mean Nanny

bloomberg cuomo

Here’s a pic of a daft Ninny

with nose rings

melissa harris perry

Launching a new site at work

Big project going that will hoover-up much of my genetically-limited bandwidth, so posts here will be reduced a bit. Probably.

Real Time Chicago Police Scanner Feed

Listen for yourself.

Barack Obama’s Homies in action.

A Blatant Case Of Canine Profiling

inspired by a photo posted at Jokeroo by way of Alpha Site

canine profiling