First Time Photographed In The Wild: The Beastly African Flotopotamus

Another action photo exclusive snapped on behalf of the Middle Finger News Service African Travelogue feature posted over at Diogenes Middle Finger.

BTW, I file these photos in the faithful performance of my duties as a Credentialed Member Of The Media. Whether they go out on the official wire or not is left to the sober judgement and keen professionalism slathered over the Layers Of Fact-Checkers And Editors of the MFNS Network like all get out. It’s just that this one almost killed me, that’s all.

Ed. Note: This rare and chilling picture was taken by a skilled professional who still damn near died in the act. Please do not attempt to photograph a Flotopotomus yourselves at home. They are mean-tempered, highly unpredictable and they’ll eat anything. Above all never – never ever – get between a Floto and her Tamales.

OK, enough talk. Here – in its worldwide exclusive debut – is the amazing, blood-curdling snapshot, taken from a still of the eagerly-awaited industrial film “Potential Health Hazards Of Strip-Mining The Serengeti”.


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