Texas is winning, California is losing…wonder why?


“What should be the Federer vs. Nadal of state-level competition has become a lopsided trouncing: Texas has humiliated its opponent in straight sets. The federal Bureau of Economic Analysis is out with its state-by-state economic growth numbers for 2012, and Texas is dancing the two-step all over California’s “recovery.” The Hill reports:”

texas beats california in straight sets

“The most telling indictment of California’s performance? If you removed oil and gas from the Texas economy, the Lone Star state has still outpaced growth in California. Apologists for the Golden State shouldn’t forget that it is in possession of two-thirds of America’s proven shale reserves, a treasure trove that rivals many resource-rich sovereign countries.

The BEA also found, to the shock of all concerned, that while California was experiencing the largest tax hike in US history, the national economy grew at eight times the pace of California’s. The Texas economy, by contrast, grew 71 percent faster than the national economy that year.

Finally, and most disturbingly, the US Census Bureau found that between 2009 and 2011, California had the highest supplemental poverty measure in America, with 42 percent more people in poverty as a share of the population than Texas. This can’t all be chalked up to immigration either: illegal immigrants account for the same percentage of Texas’s population as they do California’s.”


  1. You’re a business in CA. The socialists just got the people to believe that a tax increase on themselves is a good thing. (It will all go to the schools, that already take more than 50% of the state budget, and there will be a pittance left over for programs that need it.) The socialist regulations are keeping you from even engaging in any kind of profitable business. You look at TX. They just did away with their state income tax. Business is booming. You decide that beaches, nice weather, and sunsets are just not that important to business. You move to TX and thrive. Your competitors stay in CA and die.

    The socialists in the CA legislature think you are a traitor for leaving. You should be able to run your business within the socialist framework that is killing all of the other businesses. You don’t need profit. We need taxes.

    One more year. My youngest graduates high school. Then I’m outta this stinkin’ socialist hell hole.

    1. I do feel your pain. We have a lot of newly-arrived Californians here in Texas and most are good peeps.

      California has tremendous natural resources and beauty. We all essentially “grew-up” in Cali by nature of all the TV shows and movies shot on locations out there. Disney in particular made so many features based on California. The Golden State. It’s simply disgusting that we’ve allowed leftist policies to ruin such a Dynamo. But here we are.

      Come on to Texas. We’d be happy to have you with us.

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